How To Get More Customers For My Detailing Business? 10 Ways

how to get more detailing customers

Struggling to get more customers for your detailing business? Making great efforts but business going nowhere? Unsure how to get more car detailing clients? If you are then this article is for you.

In this article, you will get to know about 10 simple but powerful methods to get more car detailing customers easily.

All in all, there are two options for getting more detailing customers. Offline and online.

Offline Ways To Get Detailing Clients

We live in a social landscape. There are people all around us. These are our potential customers. It’s just that we know how to approach them.

To get more car detailing clients you should first start reaching out physically to the residents of your local area. There are various ways you can do it. I have touched them on all in short.

1. Put your business banner on your vehicle

In today’s world where visibility is the key for growth of any business. One often over-looked but every effective in delivering results is vehicle branding. Banner placing on the vehicle is a very simple but very effective marketing tactic.

Therefore, the first thing that you should do is put a banner of your detailing business on your vehicle.

By putting a banner on your vehicle, you can amplify your reach and can generate a good number of leads without spending money anywhere. Your car or any other vehicle will immediately transform into a moving advertisement enabling your message to reach a wide number of potential customers.

As you will drive around the town, your business banner on the vehicle will become a source of generating awareness and brand recognition of your detailing business.

With banner in place on your vehicle, you are continuously marketing your detailing business whenever you move out of your place.

2. Print Business Cards

We must admit that detailing business is getting competitive day by day. Therefore, an effective networking is the need of the hour for your business to thrive.

Second thing you should do is print business cards of your detailing business. Business cards serves as a tool to establish connections and expand your clientele.

Distributing these business cards strategically will amplify your market size. You can distribute these business cards to your family members, neighbors, nearby shops, etc.

To get best results from them you can even place them on high-traffic areas frequently visited by your target audience.

3. Take part in local car meets

For automotive enthusiasts, car meets serve as a beacon of passion, community, and a sense of appreciation for the vehicular industry.

As a detailing business owner, taking part in these local car meets will serve you with a great opportunity to connect with your target audience, network, and showcase your detailing skills.

While your vehicle is converted into a mobile advertisement with a banner on it, demonstrating small detailing skills will attract customers to you.

You will get to know about the car enthusiasts in your area, laying foundation for future business opportunities.

4. Start A Referral Program

In a competitive business-like detailing, word-of-mouth marketing is a great method for acquiring new customers and propelling business growth.

Referral programs are a cost-effective and powerful way to acquire new customers without spending a fortune on advertising.

Referral programs are built on the foundation of positive customer experience. When your existing customers will be genuinely satisfied with your work, they will be happy to recommend your brand to others.

By leveraging on the power of loyal customer base, use this method to boost your business.

To increase the participation of your existing clientele in your referral program, set a compelling commission rate that satisfies the efforts of your existing customer.

You could offer discounts on their next detailing or offer monetary rewards for each new customer they send.

5. Do Partnership with local shops

Partnering with local businesses in your town is a powerful strategy to grow and expand your detailing business. By doing collaboration with local businesses in your area you can amplify your reach, attract new customers, and build a strong brand.

You can partner with local businesses like bakeries, cafe, etc. and offer discounts to them. On the other hand, you can promote them through your detailing business.

A win-win situation for both. By teaming up with non-competing businesses in your local area, you can cross promote each other’s brand, attracting a wide customer base.

6. Offer Car Detailing Gift Certificates

Car detailing gift certificates are a great option to attract new customers to your detailing venture. Offer lucrative discounts on gift cards. Detailing gift certificates are a powerful tool to attract potential customers to experience your service firsthand without spending full.

Online Ways

We live in the internet age. We are surrounded by electronic devices all over the place. Taking leverage of internet, you can expand your detailing business exponentially. It is a goldmine to get more leads for detailing fast. There are various methods online to promote your business. These methods are:

1. Create Social pages

In today’s digital age, social media platforms aren’t just places to connect with friends and family but a great medium to connect with potential, in need of detailing clients.

Almost everyone uses social media. These are the places where people connect with one another. Using these social media platforms, you can showcase your work with targeted audience and attract a wide audience within your community.

You can think about them as virtual marketplace open 24*7.

Create your business profile on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. to showcase your work in your local community.

Showcasing your work on social media platforms will put your business in front of the users and can help you to generate inquiries from there.

Use eye catching visuals to attract viewers and in turn convert them into leads.

Pro tip: Use car detailing hashtags while creating posts on social media platforms. They will help to grow your reach and attract new customers.

2. Create your own detailing website

Having your own car detailing website is the best way to acquire more leads organically on the internet. Your website will act as a virtual storefront giving first impression of your work.

A dedicated detailing business website can help you to showcase your work and services. You can show before and after transformations of your detailing work.

A dedicated website will help you to put up testimonials and reviews of your satisfied customers. This will help you to build trust and credibility.

There are various tutorials you can check on how to create a website for detailing business.

If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can hire someone to create a detailing website for you.

3. Do SEO

Building a website is like planting a seed, but it needs to be nurtured. Nurturing a website to blossom is done in the form of search engine optimization (SEO) of detailing website.

If your website will not be ranking among the top positions on the search results it is of very minimum use. Nobody will get to know that you have such an awesome detailing business.

SEO for car detailing website will help you to bring your website in front of the users on the front page.

Doing SEO will help you get targeted visitors who are ready to convert. By targeting right car detailing keywords, you can attract lot of potential customers in your area.

Therefore, take some time to learn and do car detailing SEO. If you don’t want to go into the nitty gritty of SEO, you can hire a professional like us to do car detailing website SEO for you.

4. Create Google my business profile

Google my business page is a free service offered by Google to list your business online. This is also a powerful method to generate more targeted leads easily.

Whenever someone will search for “car detailing near me” GMB will be the first thing they will see. Therefore, taking a spot in the listing is a must.

Users can even review and rate your service right there, giving you a lucrative opportunity to leverage it to the best of use.

Creating a GMB profile is very easy and requires 5-10 mins. Create one today and enjoy it’s benefits. Or you can hire us to create a GMB profile for you.


Congratulations! You have reached the end of this article. We hope you have got new fresh ideas and actionable tips to grow your detailing business.

If you are finding it harder to do it yourself, we will be happy to help. We are a digital marketing agency for detailers helping them thrive and close more deals online.

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