50 SEO Keywords For Car Detailing

If you own a car detailing website and looking to improve its online presence through SEO, then targeting right keywords is very important.

With properly optimized keywords you can gain more organic positions in SERP.

Below is the list of 50 top keywords you should target in your SEO for car detailing campaign.

Service based car detailing keywords

Service based keywords are used to target specific services. To target and collect leads for different services in detailing business it is advisable to create separate page for each individual service.

  1. mobile car detailing
  2. undercarriage detailing
  3. mobile car wash
  4. auto hand wax 
  5. car dent removal 
  6. touchless car wash
  7. hand car wash
  8. car door jambs
  9. upholstery cleaning
  10. dashboard detailing
  11. mobile dent repair
  12. detailing that comes to you
  13. pressure washing 
  14. upholstery cleaning mobile
  15. paintless dent removal
  16. paint correction
  17. car cleaning 
  18. headlight restoration
  19. interior car detailing 
  20. car shampoo service
  21. at home car detailing
  22. trunk detailing
  23. paintless dent repair
  24. repainting services
  25. mobile car seat cleaning
  26. ceramic coating
  27. car buff
  28. full service car detailing
  29. car steam cleaning
  30. laser wash
  31. underbody detailing
  32. onsite car detailing
  33. mold removal
  34. mobile headlight repair
  35. undercarriage steam cleaning

Service Comparison keywords

Comparison keywords are those keywords which a user use to make comparison between two services. Users use such type of keywords to find which type of service will be best. Such keywords are:

  1. car detailing vs car wash
  2. ppf vs ceramic coating
  3. ppf vs vinyl wrap
  4. ceramic coating vs wax
  5. ceramic coating vs header wrap

Informational long-tail keywords

Informational keywords are those keywords which increase the knowledge of a person on a particular topic. Using informational keywords in your car detailing SEO campaign you can increase your brand awareness and attract new leads.

  1. Is car detailing good for car?
  2. Is a full detail worth it + city?
  3. How frequently should I detail my car + city?
  4. Does car detailing include exterior?
  5. Does car detailing remove scratches?
  6. Does car detailing remove dents?
  7. Does car detailing fix paint chips?
  8. Does car detailing remove stains?
  9. Do car detailers clean headlights?
  10. Do car detailing includes shampoo seats?

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